for this work, i was inspired by a few different 'plays' that i've seen.

one in which self-love was reached by coming into a trance by repeating the same gesture. i found this given interesting, because as i do endurance performances sometimes, i recognize that after 20 minutes you indeed come into a state of trance. by this i mean, a state in which you don't feel the pain any longer, so there is only acceptance of what is. this is the same theory that says by doing sports you'll only feel nice after 20 minutes, for instance.

It was also inspired by a kind of ceremony, in which you centered yourself by meditation and absorbing divine knowledge. i wanted to include this in the first part of the performance, as i found it important to first focus on yourself and being centered, before turning to the other .

During a workshop, i got taught how to let go of ego. how to view the world through new eyes. this was also a very important aspect in the performance, as it is very scary to let yourself truly go and move totally freely in tune with the intuition, immersion and energy, before a public eye. i wanted to focus on letting go of this fear. on letting go of ego, identity, all that we know and all that does not serve us.

The text can be read here: so, the base of the work is celebrating the utter blissful true love i'm lucky enough to have in my life. making such a performance is my way of writing a love song i suppose.

the performance has three parts. in the first part we center ourselves through meditation. practically to get into it, and being guided to forget everything we know. as structures are but ways to keep us in check. we have to forget these strucutes to be able to move freely.

in the second part, we're exploring the world as if we're born again. in this state, there is only acceptance of what is, instead of the (westernized) structures through which we are taught to judge everything we encounter. this state of acceptance makes us truly love ourselves, because there is no judgement of self any longer. there is no self. there is only love.

the third part is reached when we've come into this state of utter acceptance by going though the pain, beyond pain. the meaning of it is to share the newfound love we have for ourselves with our loved ones. to be in tune with eachother, to feel eachother totally. to celebrate this state of acceptance and love that we are in when we're together.