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this work exists of 3 components:

the first one is the text itself.

the second component is the performance (me reciting the text). This part is sadly lacking in documentation because the camera didn't film up to that part. :( i wanted to refilm my speech in the cinema, so that you at least have an impression of how it was. yet due to the corona measures in the last week before holidays and the weird fact that the school remains closed during the holidays, i was not able to dot my i's in all of my works.

the third layer is the whole event that, together with pip and jade, we made around the symposium. this is important as it gives structure to the discussion that we wanted to raise about pretentiousness and being your art. See how we put up the event here:

i think a lot about art. and about a lot of other things as well. maybe i think more about art than i make art. but i struggle to really include these ideas into my works. i struggle to translate ideas, period. so therefore, i wanted to write a text that gave a general overview of these views, and present it as a work.

i did this by writing down all beliefs of what art is to me, from when i just started creating until now; and analysing these to see if i still agreed with them or that i thought totally differently about it. what i noticed was that there were not many with which i didn't agree anymore. my views now just added/extended on what i already believed. this meant that my views were going in all directions. it's hard to put them ALL in a text, or explain them concretely, for that matter, therefore i decided to write the text about myself (as artist and as human alike) and how i give direction to my life. this made the text suitable to be seen as a work, as opposed to just a stating of ideas, in my opinion.

when we got the assignment to make a presentation in which you link your work to the art historical/philosophical context, i wanted to do something different then just talk about it. because i talk about it a lot already. what i was less experienced in, was how to include these ideas about art in the work itself. therefore i decided to not only write this statement, but to show it as a performance. In this way, i found a way to share my views in a less theoretical way. in a way that it includes both making and thinking.

Another layer of the work is that the text is satirizing the artist, the artworld and the artist's relation to the artworld. I am making fun of me, as i'm behaving very pretentious during this symposium. being very complicated in my speech about things i know nothing about, making a big deal out of nothing. This layer is also conveyed by the change in the text. first, i wrote the text talking about 'I am', but later turned it into 'artist is'. this makes it about all the things i believe art & being an artist is (or should be) but at the same time about the pretentiousness that lies in stating those things.

So making the whole event of the symposium into an artwork, alltogether is a discussion about the role of the artist and it's relation to it's work. it's about in what degree an artist is it's art and about the struggle of not wanting to be pretentious, but inherently being that by being an artist.