in this second version, i wanted to execute the story more old school/classical. Because in my IST, we focused on directing and this came together with our performance class. so i wanted to see what would happen if i would execute it very linear.

As i'm very new to this linear kind of directing, i wanted to play with what the frame does. but moreover i wanted to play with sound. As sound, and the effect of it, is something i wanted to focus on regardless, this semester.

So in the first video, you see the scène with this kind of consistent noise ( a translation of the franctic.) in the second version, i wanted to see what it would do if i'd take away the sound completely whenever it wasn't necessary (so everywhere apart from the speech). You barely see this in filmmaking, but i think it gives an eerie effect.

note: the quality of the video has decreased immanently by having to upload it to other services. would be a good tip to look for better coding platforms/websites for our portfolio's. this happened with a lot of other performance video's as well, but it's not so bad as it's just documentation. but for this one, i really tried my best.