in this reenactment, i mashed up two performances that i've heard of, that made a deep impression on me.

The first one is 'untitled' from tracy rose. the second one is 'artist must be beautiful' by marina. the form is based on tracy rose showing herself shaving all her hair though a surveillence camera. Yet, where she shaved all her hair of, i wanted to focus only on the hair that is most charged to me. my leg hair.

i have not shaved them in about 5 years, but have never felt truly confident in this choice. it is a political choice, because i don't agree with the system that is based underneath it - the beauty myth, the expectations that are being put on women, etc. etc etc. i can go on about it for ages. - but i've also grown up with the same societal expectations and the image of hairless women. thus making this sort of hair really a symbol of struggle (and opression) for me.

the times when i'm most insecure about this, is when i'm showing my legs in an art-world related setting. due to sounds coming from it, saying that it would not be professional to show myself like this. as if it is filthy, slouzy, lazy and indecent. that's about how alternative and progressive this prentious world actually is.

so the work is a lash-out to this world, this system of institutes, in which the position of the viewer is the position of the opressor, of the institutes. i'm shaving my legs under this eye of the opressor, as i feel pressured and even obliged to do so. This is where marina's 'art must be beautiful, artist must be beautiful' comes into play. as she also scrutinizes these expectations on appearance of female artists, by combing her hair until it hurts. '"is this what you want?".

I'm saying exactly the same thing. this especially is highlighted my second version 43 minutes of shaving, in which i'm visibly hurting.