everything i do in my studio is art

15 december 2021

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for this assignment, i wanted to explore the documentation (or voyeuristic?) urge of this era - constantly showing ourselves, taking selfies, sharing everything we do - together with the ridiculity of this given. because we're trying to embellish our lives through this documentation, while our lives are mostly quite boring. by stating that the world is my stage and i'm the protagonist of my story yet showing a very boring story, i'm criticizing this trend.

another, and maybe even more important layer of this work, is that i wanted to turn my weakness into strength. i was confronted by a teacher that i was perhaps more of a thinker, not a maker. this is why i wanted to film myself in the studio for a whole day, doing nothing at all. Writing a little bit, thinking, organizing, doing stuff on my laptop, eating, talking, and being away for hours on end. But mostly: thinking. creating ideas. I explored filiming myself (in my studio) through surveillence camera's this semester already. in line with Bruce Naumann's theory "everything i do in my studio is art" i'm saying: even though i'm thinking, i'm still creating. and my creations are to be viewed as art as well.