in this second version of the reenactment, i shave my other leg. this time i don't shave until all hair is off, but i keep shaving. and shaving. and more shaving. 43 minutes long.

those 43 minutes is a symbolic time. i calculated that with all the time that i saved not shaving my legs, i spared 43 hours. (10 min x 52 weeks x 5 years = 2600 min /60 = 43 hours). Now i am a fan of endurance performances, because they are so simple yet grab the viewer so intensely. and i've tasted of this phenomenon last year in my tryptych performance already. yet, i figured 43 hours really was undoable, at least for me. So i decided to go with for a symbollic time of 43 minutes.

i really wanted to make this second version, as in the first version other things are of importance. In the first version the role of the viewer (and it's responsibility) was extremely important, as well as the being pressured into doing it (by the institute.) that's why i pasted fragments of the discussion that was going on during the performance among the public, underneath it.

yet, in this version, i really wanted to focus on the pain. The pain physically that shaving costs me, the pain mentally that i feel by the beauty myth and other gender conforming rules, and the pain emotionally that it costs me to simply choose to go my own way and do what i feel is best, bycause of the resistance of society that i feel. So this work is more about the phenomenon of shaving, and makes a statement against that, instead of the statement of the earlier work against the instituted art world, the role of the viewer, etc.