Paintings. adhesive-sealants on canvas, paper and other textiles.

For the overall composition assignment, i wanted to experiment with adhesive-sealant glues, as this obviously has large capacity for relief. But wanted to keep t simple at first, using no colours. I experimented with white, chrystal and white and chrystal glue mixed. Then i made a larger canvas, with what i thought worked best: white glue. I did it on unprepared canvas, so that it had a slight contrast in colour against the beige background.

Although this was the ultimate step for me to find my expression (this year), it still was enormously hard for me to just let go and follow my intuition. The experiments went better, but with the large canvas, i still was so calculating and condescending that the principles of the overall composition were kind of overlooked. I couldn't manage to simulate them. (1).jpg