paintings. mixing blade, acrylic on paper and 2 oil on wood)

intrigued with relief in paintings, and art in general, i wanted to do something with this. With the minimalizing assignment, i decided to only use a mixing blade to apply the acrylic in splatters on the paper. But after putting 3 whole pots of paint on the paper, still the paint shrank so much. Thus i decided to experiment with oil. On the small wooden board, i made a fantasy landscape, using my mixingblade to apply relief, mix the paint on the panel, and apply the paint. Yet i realized that i was still kind of painting with this blade like with a brush. So for a larger panel i decided to reduce this landscape only to coloured areas, and just use a big blade to apply the paint. to minimalize it extra, i left some spaces open, for now. i cant decide to paint them or not, because i like it this way, rough. Yet, now i miss the nuance and overflow in the plains.