in my directing concept of the room, the most important was the motor of fear. because i belive that is the base of the whole play. when i was analysing the script, there was so much i could not explain. ofcourse, this is what makes the script good, mysterious. but as a director you do have to know why things happen or are being said. so in my play, the protagonist has alzheimer and forgets everything, even who she herself is. this is symbol for the darkness, not being able to comprehend what is being seen. and the fear, because forgetting everything makes you extremely anxious. the whole play is playing inside her mind, as people with alzheimer become very paranoia and are thinking/believing this which are not true. they're imagining it. in the end it becomes clear that why the protagonist is so afraid, is because she has blood on her hands and therefore is afraid of death. because she knows what her judgement will be.

in my maquette, the room itself is a super small enlightened lifted stage in a big black void. this is to show the claustrophobia, the fear of the outside.