walls / glasslandscapes, glass, epoxy, water (frozen), latex, chrystal sealant.

Glass has intrigued me for a really long time already. I love this material as it is just like fire. Fire is what differs us from animals. it's the mastery of nature, the mastery of destruction. and simultaneously we needed this purposefull destruction first, in order to build. in destruction there is creation. You can master fire, or you cant. The people that were so smart to put their brains to their hands, made sure our survival. People who can't handle fire, would've never survived back then.
I think i long for this so much, because of my own lack of eye-hand coordination. i dont know how to put my brains to practical use. So the more i want this. I like the dangerous things.

I have been wanting to work with glass for ages. In my prep year, i started this super childish; glueing glass pieces on paper to make glass landscapes. Then, with rachels classes, i tried to contain glass in water or glass containers. Still a little amateuristic. But then i came up with the idea to secure glass in epoxy, in order to make glass landscapes through which you could see through, touch and invigorate. The initial idea was to make a huuuge wall of glass in order to bring this about.
When the assignment was known, i tried to look for transformation in its form of transparency, in materials. So i wanted to make these glasslandscapes of the same material, glass, of glass and epoxy, and of glass and water, containing it through freezing in ice.

The idea of landscapes, as i call them, lies in the interest of mozaiking with glass, stained glass in churches and the love for the interpretation of landscapes. The church is also a recurring theme in my interest in art. So i installed the pieces in a chapel-like hallway in the school, high on some blocks. So high that you could 'admire' the pieces, but not to come too close. Alike churches. serene but sharp, peaceful but dangerous.
Analyzing afterwards, the ice breaking is also really me. To let the material do its thing, not able to control it, yet still choosing when the works come to the public, and when it's only to belooked at. This is cool as i like creating an experience. The danger and the beauty of the church. (1).jpg (1).jpg (1).jpg (1).jpg (1).jpg (1).jpg (1).jpg (1).jpg (1).jpg (1).jpg