the dress through the eyes of the child who's wearing it

1.) installation, wool, nails
to put on
what happens if the child was to put on the dress?
-u can crawl through it
-feels immense
-feels soft
-feels like heaven -> happiness of childhood

2.) performance, 3 min
CATCH 'N RELEASE -to cover
- to suffocate
- summer clothes so lightweight
- to spin rounds

In catch ‘n release i analyse the function of clothes, and of the dress in particular. As we discovered in CAGE, dresses do not only function to cover and protect, but historically seen they had whole other functions as well. Yet, although the base of the work was the dresses’ function imprisoning function, this was but an excuse to analyse the me-too situation within our school & fine art dept. In this performance I showed how i felt imprisoned and confined, deprived of freedom of movement and deprived of comfort; being restricted, as this situation unraveled and it seriousness, and even dangerousness became clear. In the lions’ den, i felt like, trapped even. To take back my bodily authority, to take back space, to take back the school, i undid myself again of these restrictions. With the performance, i said: I can and I may take up space in this school. I can and i may be naked even, without having to worry about being preyed upon. I can and i may feel safe, at home.

3.) construction, metal
CAGED: - to put in a box
intended audience:
little girl
gendermarketing & genderroles
to make her behave
to perform gender

In CAGE i analyse the opressive nature of the dress. First of all, i research what it does growing up in dresses, instead of pants; the effect of gendermarketing and gender norms on kinds growing up. Secondly, i analyse what the classical dresses’ effect is on women. This is naturally feeling stuck, not being able to breath, pain, and even being imprisoned. It’s all to look pretty in a cage; the dress literally functioning as a cage, and the gender norms putting women in an invisible cage too. Hoopdresses literally were called cage dresses for a reason.
catch 'n release