to show how much i was inclined with theoretical practices etc.etc.etc. i decided to upload a lill more writing assignments this semester. I only chode assignments in which i could write freely, so i left the assignments out in which we had to simply answer questions, or make presentations, or moodboards or whatever. To keep it more simple for you all, otherwise it is a looot of reading work. so i chose 1 discourse, 1 art history and 1 research assignment, a review, and 2 essays. report-1.jpg
learning report 2 1/3 report-2.jpg
learning report 2 2/3 report-3.jpg
learning report 2 3/3 from 2021-05-25 19-24-54.png
spoken wordäserner Mensch    (1)1024_1.jpgäserner Mensch    (1)1024_2.jpgäserner Mensch    (1)1024_3.jpgäserner Mensch    (1)1024_4.jpgäserner Mensch    (1)1024_5.jpg as manifestation of colonialism-1.jpg
essay discourse 2 1/5 as manifestation of colonialism-2.jpg
essay discourse 2 2/5 as manifestation of colonialism-3.jpg
essay discourse 2 3/5 as manifestation of colonialism-4.jpg
essay discourse 2 4/5 as manifestation of colonialism-5.jpg
essay discourse 2 5/5
line drawing primitivism and problematic art-1.jpg
essay art history 1/5 primitivism and problematic art-2.jpg
essay art history 2/5 primitivism and problematic art-3.jpg
essay art history 3/5 primitivism and problematic art-4.jpg
essay art history 4/5 primitivism and problematic art-5.jpg
essay art history 5/5
line drawing report-page0002.jpg
learning report 1/2 report-page0003.jpg
learning report 2/2
silence of the city[1].jpg
essay discourse 1/2[1].jpg
essay discourse 2/2