jacolindegeerte · Do You Love Me Now

installation, readymades, soundscape, written lipstick and visual media (socials, videos)

In this installation Of ready mades we wanted to convey our concept, which took off from the notion 'romance is dead.' As we see this trend in society where there is hardly any romance anymore, and were mistaking other things, sex usually, for romance. So we started with found items conveying the tackiness of what romace is to our generation, a cheap buttplug, lube, fake flowers, chocolates, a broken glass flower, a fallen candleholder.
From this, we went on with a matress wanting to set up the image that this is really someone's room in which this horror 'romance' takes place. Because mistaking sex for romance in the young generation, makes girls also trade their bodies for a little love. Sex becomes a merchandise that girls use just in order to experience a little bit of romance, because that is all there is. So we put a lot of makeup, shaving blades and other beauty products on the matress as well as tutorials on how to shape our bodies. showing the alternation of the female body in order to be good enough to be sold for this romance.
Then the media used helped this message, as this view on romance we hypothesize is mainly brought about in our generation by the use of social media. Putting enormously high expectations on the female look, the death of romance, the only be worthy of love when you're beautiful is all to be found here. So besides the tutorial on a laptop, we wanted to play a porn video on an ipad, an alternated female body instagram post on a phone, and a tinder profile on an other phone. Showing that this use of media, is what makes our internet generation so fucked up in the love. asking 'do you love me now?' and 'is this good enough?' on the matress with lipstick, were saying; now we've alternated our bodies, that we sell to you, can you give me a lill bit of romance? now that you can use me as a pornstar, am i worthy of love? (1).jpg (1).jpg