this work is an extension on the insights that came to me while working on the selfportrait series.

as i'm trying to work more with ready-mades and how to use them to create a different meaning out of them, i wanted to first explore this through the same assembly of objects as i used for my selfportait series.

i drew back on 'one and three chairs', that for me really grabbed the essence of what a ready made is. i wanted to do the same with this selfportrait. the "real" portrait here is the physical assembly, the picture of the portrait is the picture of the assembly, and the definition of a portrait in symbolized by the mirror.

another layer is that they all have something to do with what i am not. the "real" assembly is an assembly of ready mades in which i pose as an artist which i am not. The picture, is putting myself as this artist in the spotlights, making a big thing out of it, while i'm actually really faking it. and the mirror is only a portrait on the moment that i am standing in front of it. So when the viewer is viewing it, it can never be a portrait of me, as the viewer is not seeing me, but itself.

so therefore it's not a portrait of me, it's the definiton of a portrait. But it is also a portrait of what i am not, as i believe exterior choices make you appear as who you want to be. not as who you truly are. expression of identity is merely ego. our essence is but reached when you move away from all that identity.

this is, again, the same with the assembly of objects, through which i pose myself as someone i am not. it's an expression of my identity. yet it is more a portrait of who i want to be, than who i really am as an artist.